Stone & Barrel Weekly Specials

Check out this week’s soup and lunch specials prepared by Chef Liliana Rodriguez and team.  Each lunch special comes with your choice of side.

Daily soups are served at both Stone & Barrel as well as Grill on the Green.

Monday, June 17th

Soup du Jour | Cream of Mushroom

Lunch Special | Honey Mustard & Ham Wrap  | $10

Served in a Flour Tortilla with Mixed Greens, Roasted Tomatoes, Almonds & Cucumber

Catch of the Day | Grouper, Pan Seared | $19

Tuesday, June 18th

Soup du Jour | Chicken & Wild Rice 

Lunch Special | Coconut Shrimp | $10

Served with a side of Sweet Chili

Catch of the Day | Ahi, Blackened Pan Seared | $19

Evening Offering | Honey Sesame Chicken | $15

Served on a bed of white rice

Wednesday, June 19th

Soup du Jour | Green Chili Pork

Lunch Special | Cajun Battered Fish Sandwich  | $10

Served on a Hoagie Roll with Arugula Apple Slaw, Tomato and Tap House Sauce

Catch of the Day | Petrale Sole, Pan Seared | $18

Evening Offering | Crab Louie Salad | $18

Thursday, June 20th

Soup du Jour | Chili

Lunch Special | Blacken Salmon Wrap | $10

Served in a Flour Tortilla with Spinach, Romaine, Peppers, Tartar Sauce, Carrots and Cucumbers

Catch of the Day | Scallops, Pan Seared | $18

Friday, June 21st

Soup du Jour | New England Clam Chowder

Lunch Special | Chicken Gyro | $10

Served in a Pita with Mixed Greens, Cucumber Sauce, Sweet Peppers, Shaved Onion and Tomato

Evening Offering |  Fish Fry with Cole Slaw, Fries and Tartar Sauce | $17.95 

Catch of the Day | Grouper, Pan Seared | $19

Saturday, June 22nd

Soup du Jour | Broccoli Cheddar

Lunch Special | Ham Melt | $10

Served on Sourdough with Spinach, Chipotle Mayo and Munster Cheese

Evening Offering | Prime Rib | 8 oz $17.95 | 12 oz  $23.95

Catch of the Day | Red Fish, Pan Seared | $19

Sunday, June 23rd

Soup du Jour | Roasted Chicken with Stars  

Lunch Special | Chef's Choice

Catch of the Day | Striped Sea Bass, Pan Seared | $19