YOGA Foundations - (Sub for HIIT/ Tabata)

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8:00 am - 9:00 am

Fitness & Racquet

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Oakwood Clubhouse Ballroom

Todays class has a new instructor.  Alison is our newest Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor.  Today is a special class for everyone to try out something different.  Bring a MAT!

Yoga Foundations (sub for HIIT/Tabata)

Led by certified yoga therapist, Alison Leonka, this all levels class is geared towards those who seek a solid introduction or greater refinement into their yoga practice. It promotes overall wellness through physical postures, performed in coordination with breath and mind awareness. Students will expand their knowledge and application of proper alignment and movement patterns for regular physical activities. Students will learn to develop a consistent yoga practice, along with basic breathing and meditation techniques, and improve conscious awareness. Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance, stress relief, improved circulation and respiration, balanced metabolism, and greater vitality.