Board of Directors Workshop

Event Date:

Event Time:
9:00 am

Board of Directors Meetings

Event Location:
Oakwood Clubhouse Ballroom


THE CORE PURPOSE OF IRONOAKS "To create, protect and promote an active adult lifestyle community with resort style amenities and to enhance the community's value."



Wednesday, July 17, 2019 – 9:00 AM - Oakwood Ballroom


  1. Call to Order:
  2. Roll Call/Members Present:
  3. The Purpose of the Workshop is twofold:
    • Review items for the next Regular Monthly BOD Meeting requiring Board Action.
    • To enable the Board to discuss items/issues in open forum
  4. Workshop Items:
    1. Review Proposed Requests for Board Action/Resolutions for Monthly BOD Meeting
      1. RBA19-042 – Golf Equipment
      2. RBA19-045 – Facilities Maintenance Cart Replacement (Reserve)
      3. RBA19-046 – Banquet Furniture
      4. RBA19-047 – IOPM Purchasing & Contracting/Policy 3.03
      5. RBA19-048 – Risk Committee Recommendations; Oakwood Campus Parking


    2. Discussion Items and/or Updates (Listed for discussion guidance only)
      1. AZ Fire & Medical Authority – Notice of Presentation (Doug)
      2. Bingo update (Trish)
      3. Project Management Plan – Review(Bill)
      4. Lake 37 / Rocky Knoll golf cart / walking path Issue (Doug)
      5. Charters Review
        • General Requirements (Phil)
        • Committees (BOD Liaison)
  1. Open Discussion:Directors


  1. Next Meetings:

    Regular Monthly BOD Meeting:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019

  2. Adjourn To Executive Session


Enter into Closed Session pursuant to ARS 33:1804, A.1 (Legal advice from an attorney for the BOD or Association), A.2 (Pending or contemplated litigation), A.3 (Personal, health or financial information about an individual member), A.4 (Matters relating to job performance, compensation of, or specific complaints about an individual employee of the Association or Contractor), and A.5 (Appeal of any violation cited or penalty imposed by the Association except on the request by the member to be heard in an open session).