Adopt-A-Hole Program

Overview:  The program has a Chairperson who oversees the program.  Each of the nine (Ironwood front and back, and Oakwood's Sonoran, Palms and Lakes) has a Chairperson who oversees his/her nine holes.  Ideally, each hole will have a Captain who oversees volunteers assigned to the Captain's hole.


The Adopt A Hole Program is a volunteer-based program.  Volunteers are encouraged to care for the course on a regular schedule.  Currently there are approximately 150 volunteers involved in the program.


After completion of your work volunteers are encouraged to do some socializing, meeting in each other's homes or spending some time at the clubhouse restaurants.


Expectation of Volunteer work:  Volunteers will be responsible for the tee box through the green and are asked to do the work on a weekly or other regular basis.  The "rough" is not included. Seeded sand is provided to the Oakwood volunteers and is located in the green garbage pail behind the wall where the rental carts are parked. The Ironwood sand box is located adjacent to the rental carts.


Tee Boxes:  Fill divots.  Remove debris (trash, broken tees, cigarette/cigar butts, etc.)

Fairways:  Fill divots.  Pick up trash. Smooth out the sand, mounded sand can get into the mower reels!

Greens:  Using a divot tool repair ball marks on the green. The pro shops have green repair tools.

Re-set any ropes or stakes as needed. 


Report any concerns/problem areas to your Captain.  The Captain should then relay any concerns to the Chairperson of the course. If you do note a hazardous condition, please report that to the pro shop and also inform your hole captain or course chair.




Applications in the Ironwood or Oakwood Pro Shops.

Look for the Adopt A Hole sign—it has a tube that contains applications. 

Our current chairs are:


John Masog, overall chair,

Ironwood Front: Dale and Leslie Pettis,

Ironwood Back: Sue and Jerry Pederson, (note the underscore)

Sonoran: Jim Czaja,

Palms: Duane and MJ Coking,

Lakes: Richard Schmidt,